Did you know that laser dentistry is one of the most exciting developments in modern dentistry? As the American Dental Association has noted, dental lasers that have been given FDA 510(K) clearance – like those used at our Dickson, TN office – are safe and accurate when handled by trained professionals.

At East Hills Dental Center, We Provide the Best Quality Care While Ensuring Patient Comfort.

Laser Gum Surgery Is the Wave of Contemporary Comprehensive Dentistry

Gum surgery was once only performed using metal tools, and although such procedures produce acceptable results, laser dental equipment offers even better effects for most patients. In fact, dental professionals report that laser gum treatments regularly produce the following outcomes:

  • Less swelling, bruising and gum discoloration after laser gum surgery
  • Decrease in patient discomfort post-operatively
  • Reduction of bacteria build-up at the treatment site
  • Better gum reattachment rates post-treatment for gum disease management

Need a Gingivectomy? Discover the Benefits of Laser!

Gingivectomies, surgical procedures that remove excess or diseased gum tissues to give healthy gums a better chance to heal and reattach, are performed at East Hills Dental Center using laser equipment. Our dental laser can be specifically set to target only the excess or damaged gum tissues. It is truly a remarkable improvement for patients with gum disease!

Lasers’ Role in Dental Implants

Our laser can also be used for uncovering dental implants. An initial dental implant surgery involves surgically embedding titanium posts under the gums. After the site has healed, the gums have to be opened to reveal the dental implants to complete the process. Lasers allow us to uncover dental implants with precision, comfort and ease.

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