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15million root canals

are performed every year

41+thousand root canals

are performed each day

89%of patients

are satisfied after root canal treatment

There may be no dental procedure as feared and misunderstood as the root canal! Many people have been told throughout their lives that root canals are extremely painful, and may lead to further problems. In reality, the only thing that hurts is the infected tooth before the root canal procedure.

At East Hills Dental Center, We Provide the Best Quality Care While Ensuring Patient Comfort.

How the Root Canal Procedure Works

Before your root canal treatment begins, the affected area in your mouth will be desensitized according to your needs. Then, we will gain access into the tooth by creating an opening, and begin to clean out the infected tooth pulp and nerves inside the tooth. After the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, we will place a special material in the canals of the tooth and top it with a temporary filling. During and after a root canal procedure, your pain level will drop dramatically and should then go away.

In a few days, you will return to our office and have the temporary filling removed from the tooth so we can make sure that there is no tooth decay remaining. Once we confirm that your tooth has healed and is healthy and strong, we will permanently fill in the tooth with a tooth-colored filling or place a dental crown to preserve the tooth structure. When a root canal has been properly handled, and you continue to maintain proper hygiene, you should experience no more issues with that area unless you have an accident or other mitigating circumstance.

Consider Your Options for Tooth Protection and Beauty After a Root Canal

Because the inside of your tooth is removed during a root canal, the tooth may take on a slight discoloration after the procedure. In addition, root canal treated teeth are more brittle and at a greater risk of breaking or sustaining other damage. As such, these teeth often require reinforcement through full coverage restorations. To mitigate the issue of discoloration and add strength and protection to a tooth post-root canal, Dr. Cannon and Dr. Brown may recommend placing a highly esthetic dental crown. Talk to our experts at East Hills Dental Center in Dickson, TN about your best options at your next appointment.


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