Did You Know

You Deserve to Know the Facts About TMJ

10million people

are affected by TMJ

12%of the United States

population suffer from TMJ

women are more likely

than men to be diagnosed with TMJ

Though the most frequently-reported signs and symptoms of TMJ are jaw pain and achiness radiating from the jaw to other parts of the head and neck, individuals may complain of additional concerns like stiffness of the jaw, teeth grinding (bruxism), cracking or popping of the jaw joint, pain in the ears and daily headaches. In other words, TMJ is an everyday issue. Fortunately, it is one that can be treated with proper care.

At East Hills Dental Center, We Provide the Best Quality Care While Ensuring Patient Comfort.

TMJ and the Relationship With Your Dentist

What does being diagnosed with TMJ have to do with your dentists at East Hills Dental Center? TMJ can often have a bite-related or dental-related component. This means you can now get relief from your TMJ through customized TMJ treatment at our office in Dickson.

We Offer the Best Solutions for TMJ Relief

Occlusal Adjustment – This is a procedure where we smooth out the tops of the molars just enough to give you a better bite. When your teeth fit together more precisely, you are less likely to grind your teeth or put undue pressure on your jaw joint.

Dental Appliances – If our dentists feel you could benefit from having a specially-constructed dental appliance such as a nightguard worn during sleep, one will be created to fit your mouth. This type of appliance keeps your lower jaw in a neutral position, alleviating the pressures and teeth grinding that often lead to TMJ pain.

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